1. Prepare the parts

Put the two sides as pictured and insert the wooden dowel plugs (6x)

2. Parts: Hooks and Swan

In the following steps you will need an extra pair of hands so please ask someone of some assistance in holding the parts. 

Flip the sides like pictured (Big dowel holes towards you) →

Let someone help you holding the pieces up and you carefully press the hook-piece and swan piece together with the sides. 

Please handle the wooden swan part with care as the necks of the swans are a bit fragile and could be bent of if you are not cautious! 

3. Adding the clothes hanger/dowel and shelf board. 

With the help of your accomplice; gently push in the wooden dowel in the holes on each side by carefully putting the pieces apart. This could also be done before adding the previous parts if you have help holding it in place.

Now, while still holding the pieces together, gently slide the wooden shelf board into place.

4. Fastening the parts

Now you can fasten all the parts together using the included phillips screws with a screwdriver. Once you have tightened all the screws you are done! Thank you for purchasing our Swan Shelf!

And this is what it should look like! We hope you will your new Swan Shelf!

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