1. Brackets

First fasten the two included brackets under the top wing in the pre-drilled holes (Underside of Top Wing, the biggest piece.) using the 4 small screws included.

2. Adding the wheels

Add the wheels first by pushing the rod/dowel through the holes of the underside of the plane body and then simply press the wheels on from each side. Please see pictures →

3. Assembling the prop

The propeller is assembled in the following order:

  • Carriage Bolt
  • Propeller
  • 2 washers
  • Round engine pice (Round piece with holes)
  • Wing nut/or locknut on the inside

Put the carriage bolt through the propeller, add two washers, add engine piece and put it through the hole on the front and lock it using the nut on the inside of the plane. Locking the piece can be a bit tricky if the bonnet is preassembled and you need to hold the nut on the inside in place and slowly rotate the propeller in order for the screw thread to fit the nut.

4. Fastening the pillars

Fasten the 8 pillars/dowels first to the top wing as pictured. Attach the dowels with the 16x included phillips screws using a phillips screwdriver. Once you have fastened the 8 dowels to the top wing you put the shelf down on an even surface on its back (brackets against surface/floor) and carefully push them in place into the main body and fasten using the remaining (8) screws.

And you are done! Hope you enjoy your new Airplane Shelf!

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